A Time for Changes

Autumn is in the Air!

Soon the leaves will be turning a multitude of vibrant colors signifying the process of a life cycle.

This is also a time when more calls come in from pregnant mothers, with a wide variety of birth due dates, searching for midwifery care. Often around this time of year, there are as many changing from the medical model into the midwives model of care, as are those newly pregnant. Another time of year that more of the calls come in is the spring.

Along with the upcoming garden chores, I’m clearing the schedule for taking more new clients into care.  I like to give individual attention to my client’s needs, so there is a limit to how many women come into care at a time – just a few. At this stage in life, dedicating that focus just feels right.

The rest of the time I’ve been writing, traveling short trips to do some teaching and learning, and of course, time for attending to my family — now grown children with their families.

Getting to know my evolving roles has been both interesting and uplifting. We all come to a time when our lives adjust direction. While learning to embrace new purposes and even doing some letting go. Also nurturing good, solid ties keeps a balance.

Life is good.