Birth is a special time for mother, baby and the whole family! 

There is much to consider. So it’s a good thing to have options for pregnancy and birth.

Do you want to labor with music…or perhaps a quiet environment? Laboring or birthing in water? Relaxing at home…or maybe a walk in the woods? Or…as you choose?

birth in water

Relaxing in a peaceful space prevents interruption to the labor rhythms that work for you and your baby. In calm surroundings and with the people a birthing woman chooses, she experiences a rise in endorphins (natural pain inhibitor in the body).

Giving birth with midwives is a normal part of life.

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Birth in the comfort and privacy of home…

Offering complete, experienced midwifery care and homebirth services that includes patience, natural physiologic principles and is based upon your needs and preferences. Along with natural remedies, emergency supplies, medications and equipment are on hand if needed. The midwife and/or birth team also tidy up your room during the hours of care after your baby is born. Prompt, supported transport to hospital can be called in the rare event it becomes necessary.

For a low-risk pregnancy, it is often preferable to labor in your own familiar place where your body is more likely to have developed immunity to germs. Doing so can also avoid having to be going somewhere in a car while in labor. It can be helpful to know whom your birth attendants will actually be. The hours of immediate postpartum care works around you and your baby and your family. Plus, you and your baby can be settling in comfortably together rather than having to bend your newborn into a car seat and waiting to get home.

Some of the options with out-of-hospital midwives in Idaho include family participation, natural coping methods (such as waterbirth, etc.), and natural alternatives after previous c-section. All through maternity care, we help to build a relationship and are there for you. 

A Family Art LLC has developed a more affordable and stress-reducing cost and payment system, with the same personalized yet high quality Midwives Model of Care. 

Call to find out if openings are available. With your free first consultation, we’ll help determine an estimated due date range and have a mini prenatal exam, too. 



Definition of Birth:
• A social event; a normal part of a woman’s life.
• Belongs to the woman and her family.
• The woman is a person experiencing a life-changing event.

Birth Environment:
• Home or other familiar surroundings.
• Continuity of care.
• Parents are active participants in their own care.

Philosophy and Practice:
• A natural process.
• Shared decision-making.
• No class distinction between birthing women and caregivers.
• Equal relationship.
• Information shared with an attitude of personal caring.
• Informed consent is a priority.
• Longer, more in-depth prenatal visits.
• Individualized emotional support as needed.
• Familiar language and imagery used.
• Awareness of spiritual significance of birth
• Believes in integrity of birth; uses technology if appropriate and proven.



Definition of Birth:
• Childbirth is process that requires their interventions.
• Birth is the work of doctors, nurses, midwives and other experts.
• The woman is a patient.

Birth Environment:
• Hospital; likely unfamiliar territory to the woman.
• Hierarchical system of care.
• The woman may be a passive recipient of a routine of care.

Philosophy and Practice:
• Trained to focus mainly on medical aspects during birth.
• “Professional” care that is often authoritarian.
• Often a status distinction between obstetrician and patients.
• Dominant-subordinate relationship.
• Information about health, disease, interventions and actual degree of risk is not always shared with the patient.
• Brief, often depersonalized care.
• Little emotional support
• Use of medical terminology.
• Spiritual aspects of birth are ignored or treated as embarrassing.
• Values routine technology without proof of safety or outcome effect.