“We Make House Calls”

After the building’s change of hands, in order to maintain the low fee for midwifery services, we will be doing all appointments as home visits beginning April 1, 2018 until further notice.

Instead of an office but with maintaining residence/lodging at both ends of the valley, serving a variety of clients at their own homes is more possible.

This will mean a modestly increased fee to new clients of A Family Art, but the time for final payment can be extended.

What’s in a Word?

Have you ever tried giving birth with some clueless (however well-meaning) person in the room telling you things like “good girl” or random instructions to “push”?

No, those aren’t the worst things that might be said at a birth. But think about it. No laboring woman should have to be put in a position to try to translate the ramifications of what others say to them.

Anemic or Not

A healthy pregnancy hemoglobin by 28 weeks normally reduces, with good blood volume expansion, to between about 11.0 and 12.8 (preferably not lower than about 10.5).

Lower than around 10.0 may be associated with fatigue, postpartum hemorrhage and other resulting conditions.

Higher than about 13.0 rising in later 3rd trimester, can indicate a contracting blood volume and may be an earlier indication associated with preeclampsia (toxemia).

(These ranges may be slightly higher for those who live up in the mountains.)

Having balanced daily nutrition of easily-absorbed iron-rich foods and about 90 grams daily of good protein foods (add more for twins) by 3rd trimester along with sufficient high-quality calories, is part of a healthy pregnancy, birth and newborn. Also very important — make it tasty.

Student Midwives

Are you happy about seriously studying the art and science of midwifery,? Working toward NARM certification or toward a bachelor of science in midwifery degree? Seeking a qualified clinical preceptor? You are welcome to call about setting up an interview.

A Time for Changes

Autumn is in the Air!

Soon the leaves will be turning a multitude of vibrant colors signifying the process of a life cycle.

This is also a time when more calls come in from pregnant mothers, with a wide variety of birth due dates, searching for midwifery care. Often around this time of year, there are as many changing from the medical model into the midwives model of care, as are those newly pregnant. Another time of year that more of the calls come in is the spring.

Along with the upcoming garden chores, I’m clearing the schedule for taking more new clients into care.  I like to give individual attention to my client’s needs, so there is a limit to how many women come into care at a time – just a few. At this stage in life, dedicating that focus just feels right.

The rest of the time I’ve been writing, traveling short trips to do some teaching and learning, and of course, time for attending to my family — now grown children with their families.

Getting to know my evolving roles has been both interesting and uplifting. We all come to a time when our lives adjust direction. While learning to embrace new purposes and even doing some letting go. Also nurturing good, solid ties keeps a balance.

Life is good.

Birth Choices Realized

A new client having her third baby told me that she would never have thought she’d ever be having a homebirth (first birth was by cesarean section, second was with induction).

I’m happy that women can also have other options — for healthy, natural birth!