“I love serving families as their midwife and being so close to new life. It has always felt like a calling from God that strengthens my faith. I hope to hear from you, about your preferences for pregnancy, birth and for your baby.”          – Midwife Julia

Julia Swart, BSM CPM LM, has earned a Bachelor of Science degree, NARM certification, state licensing and brings a long history of training and over 35 years of experience with both country and city birth. With a preference for natural remedies and nutritional preventive care — certifications include newborn screening, neonatal resuscitation, medications, IV therapy and suturing, and more. Also phlebotomy and labs, with ultrasound referrals if needed and/or desired. In addition, Julia is certified as a BLS/CPR instructor – American Heart Association.

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Are you happy about seriously studying the art and science of midwifery,? Working toward NARM certification or toward a bachelor of science in midwifery degree? Seeking a qualified clinical preceptor? You are welcome to call about setting up an interview.
“…if women are supported to find their own way through the birth process, if they are treated with respect, if they feel safe and are not disturbed with interventions, birth works just fine. And why not! If it didn’t our species would have died out long ago.” 
— Denise Doerr, CNM, Wisconsin


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