“There is not a single report in the scientific literature that shows obstetricians to be safer than midwives for low-risk pregnancy and birth. Midwives are the best experts on normal birth. So if you are among the over seventy-five percent of all women with a normal pregnancy, the safest birth attendant for you is a midwife.”
— Marsden Wagner, MD – World Health Organization

  • Choosing Midwifery Care
  • Electronic Health Record
  • Fees & Health Insurance
  • Safety
  • Lab Tests & Ultrasound Options
  • Natural Birth Preparation
  • Newborn Care
  • Birth Certificate
  • Intercultural Community
  • Complications
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What is a Licensed Certified Professional Midwife and how may care be transferred?

Certified professional midwives are maternity health care providers who practice independently and may also collaborate with or refer to other practitioners for your pregnancy and birth.

Ask the midwife about health concerns and how those might actually apply when choosing midwife services and out-of-hospital birth. The midwife can also assist to provide a smooth transfer of care.

During your free consultation appointment, we’ll talk about your needs and preferences.

A Family Art accepts only a few clients at a time, offering more personalized attention and care.

Your midwife and assistants are genuine in our desire to support your choices. We strive to be helpful, attentive and respectful to your needs.

birth ball for pregnancy and labor


How are records kept?

Your rights pertaining to you health record are respected.

Please be sure to discuss any health record concerns with your midwife.


Please call to discuss any questions or concerns — or to set up a free consultation appointment!


(New! Simplified fee structure for low cost.)

What about costs? 

It’s time to celebrate life & call the midwife!

Certified, licensed homebirth midwives offer attentive, experienced care and gentle birth — all for a fraction of what a typical hospital birth costs (without cesarean section).

Our midwife and assistants understand that information about these costs should be a part of your informed choice. To better serve our families, A Family Art LLC offers maternity & newborn care in the security and comfort of your home.

Many insurance companies and cost sharing organization plans may reimburse to the client part or all of the cost of midwifery care. 

What is included in the fee for midwife care?

Included is the comprehensive care provided by A Family Art LLC midwife and our assistants, and certain supplies and equipment that may be used with midwife services. (Of course, any fees for services that are charged by other providers and/or lab fees, optional supplements or medications if used, may incur additional charges.)

There’s further help with affordability:

  • A Family Art LLC maintains a low fee for midwife services.
  • You can have a payment arrangement with A Family Art LLC for midwife services, within the time up to 36 weeks of pregnancy, if needed.
  • Any birth preparation classes, births stories gathering or other groups facilitated by A Family Art LLC midwife and assistants, are offered at no charge to our clients.
  • A Family Art LLC honors the families serving our country, to whom we offer a military appreciation discount for midwife services — (to be eligible, must be (or have spouse) in or within a year of active duty).
  • A Family Art LLC respects our families in service to others and offers a clergy appreciation discount for midwife services — (to be eligible, must be the lead clergy of a active congregation).


To formally initiate services with A Family Art LLC, a deposit is required which  is credited toward the fee.

Insurance & Cost Sharing Organizations

Many insurance companies and cost sharing organizations or ministries reimburse out-of-hospital services by a licensed midwife. However, some insurance companies consider licensed midwives to be “out of network providers” and may reimburse a lower portion of the fee that the client has paid to the midwife.

Payment of fee for services and any other outstanding charges are the responsibility of the client.

Within the weeks after the after the birth, A Family Art will provide a statement including useful codes, which clients may use for their insurance or cost-sharing companies.

What if I do not have insurance or a cost sharing organization membership?

It is our hope this reduced out-of-pocket portion will help families who cannot pay for an insurance policy or cost sharing, so they may have an additional choice about where and with whom to give birth.

If you have any questions, concerns or needs please feel free to contact 208.284.4324 .

Tests and other possible costs

* Please remember, occasionally there are some tests, supplies or additional services, if used for your care, which are not included in the fee for midwifery services and therefore could incur some additional costs. There are no “hidden costs” and you will be informed of any additional costs in advance (except when not possible, such as in the rare case of an emergency). In the case of outside services or emergency services, doctor, transport, hospital, lab, ultrasound, etc., those additional charges are made separately by those service providers to you or your insurance carrier.

What about MEDICAID and health care with the midwife?

A Family Art LLC may accept Medicaid as a credentialed provider for those whom are currently Idaho Medicaid covered. Please contact the office to discuss options. We want midwifery care to be accessible.

For longer distance clients there may be an additional travel fee.
Online Payments System
A Family Art LLC may accept payments online through Cornerstone’s secure processing system.

Midwife Services

Midwifery services include prenatal – birth – postnatal care for mother & newborn (as is normally provided up to six weeks after the birth).

Additional services, if any, may not be included in fee — these are summarized in the client’s financial agreement.


What about the safety of birth at home?

For healthy, low-risk pregnancies, appropriately screened scientific research studies have documented that birthing at home with certified professional midwives have similar or better outcomes than for women with similar risk in hospital births. In Idaho, out-of-hospital birth may include a natural VBAC (natural birth after cesarean) within certain guidelines.

And in countries with the lowest infant and maternal mortality rates, most births are attended by midwives. In those countries, it is recognized that obstetricians are specialists in surgery and high-risk pregnancy.

Midwives are the specialists in normal birth yet are also trained to manage certain types of variations in childbirth. In the rare case of  complications that are outside of the scope of midwifery practice or variations that may be outside the scope of licensed midwives in Idaho, referral and/or transfer to further medical care can be facilitated.Often situations that have been medically labeled within certain risk levels, may also fall within low-risk assessments or determined to be variations of normal, with thorough and individualized assessments in maternity care by experienced care providers and within the scope and practice of licensed midwives.

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Will I be able to have lab work done?
Of course!  During a prenatal checkup, lab draws and specimens can be sent to the lab. We will assess results and discuss them with you. We support you by offering information about tests during and after pregnancy, as well as any possible needed treatments, referrals and available alternatives.


Will ultrasounds be done?

An option is to discuss when and if to have ultrasounds (sonogram).  The midwife may give a referral to a qualified imaging sonographer or clinic. The midwife will discuss with you the results and any follow up planning.


Is birth education offered?

Services during pregnancy include natural childbirth preparation and breastfeeding information. Classes may be helpful for first-time parents, VBAC clients, and those looking forward to their first natural or out-of-hospital birth.
We’ll help you and your family to prepare for your pregnancy and birth as well as for the newborn, including tips to help boost your health and confidence. More knowledge promotes confidence.
Your prenatal checkups can be an informative resource, with time to ask questions and voice your concerns in a peaceful environment.


Who does my baby’s newborn exams?

Mother and baby and family need from birth to at least the first couple of hours to just settle in together. This is respected even while your midwife does initial assessments. The midwife can gently do a comprehensive newborn exam around that, too, right at your side.

The baby’s heart tests, metabolic screening tests, jaundice/bilirubin levels, and more may be checked by your midwife during the initial hours and days, as well as checked again within the following weeks.

Your newborn’s heart health health and oxygen levels are checked.

Newborn metabolic screening (formerly known as PKU testing) is among what is offered. Tiny blood drops are obtained as gently as possible from your baby’s heel, within a couple days after birth and then again within two weeks. These are promptly sent to the appropriate lab.

Referral to hearing testing for your baby is also offered.

Baby’s checkups will usually coincide with the mother’s postnatal checkups, unless the baby is seen by a pediatrician.

The state of Idaho requires midwives to offer and administer newborn eye ointment. The baby’s parents may decline and sign a waiver form.


How will I get a birth certificate?

As state authorized, the midwife completes the official forms and checks them with you for accuracy, then submits your baby’s birth certificate registration directly to the Idaho Bureau of Vital Record. You also have the option of requesting a social security number for your baby at that time. After the birth certificate is issued, parents may order copies through the vital records office.


Idaho licensed midwives are certified in cultural competence.

Often, new residents of the U.S. are offered only an institutionalized medical model of care. Sufficient time and attention might not be available to sort out language differences and for finding out the woman’s birth and care preferences. At times, her family’s own culture may be accustomed to the benefits of midwifery care, yet she is uninformed of its safety and availability to her in this country.

The midwife and assistants with A Family Art LLC come from a variety of backgrounds and understand there is much diversity in race, religion, individual, family and more. We respect and support our ethnic and immigrant communities. We believe everyone is to be included in having  more choices in childbirth.

We welcome clients with translators in any language and look forward to learning about you!

Spanish: Hablamos (mas of menos) de español.

Dutch: Wij spreken ook een beetje Nederlands.


What happens if there is a complication?

The midwife is trained to recognize abnormal signs and symptoms with pregnancy, birth, postnatal mother and newborn, along with situations that are variations of normal for an individual. She is Neonatal Resuscitation (level 4) certified and Healthcare Provider BLS/CPR certified. In addition to natural remedies, the Idaho licensed midwife may administer oxygen, intravenous therapy (IV) and has other equipment, with natural remedies and/or some types of medications, to help prevent certain complications and at times to prepare for transport.

The midwife can arrange referrals for medical consultation or transfer of care. We appreciate the doctors who specialize in perinatology or pediatrics and refer to their medical expertise when required.

In the rare event it becomes necessary, there may be transport to a hospital. When EMS transport and hospital can is initiated, your chart information is transferred. When possible, the midwife may accompany you at the hospital for the purpose of helping to bring about a supportive transfer of care for you.


To set up a free consultation:

please call 208.284.4324