Safe, gentle, confident birth…a normal life event…

It is not the “plague” as believed in some modern institutions (hospitals).  In fact, international studies show that countries with the most midwifery care have the lowest infant and maternal mortality rates. A Dutch word for hospital translates to “sickness-house”. Many people realize that birth is not an illness (which is why you are a client rather than a patient), and that normal birth does not require the multitude of routine interventions, each of which has its own risks and problems. It is often left out of the information given to women that excessive treatments can even cause more problems.

Maternity and Newborn Care

Newborn Services with Midwife JuliaA Family Art services include comprehensive prenatal care, choices in lab & ultrasound tests, birth preparation, birth with postpartum care, and postnatal visits.

Some of the options with out-of-hospital birth in Idaho include family participation, natural alternatives after having had a previous c-section, and/or the comfort of waterbirth.

During Your Pregnancy

Prenatal visits include health checkups but are also a time for making informed choices. Getting to know each other develops a positive relationship, too!

Prenatal visits may be monthly until 28th week, every two weeks until 36th week, then usually weekly thereafter until baby is born.

During pregnancy, birth and postnatal weeks, the midwife and assistants monitor your well-being with supportive checkups that include history, physical assessments and vital signs, position and growth of your baby and more, with health information and support services as needed.

We refer for chiropractic care, offer prenatal lab tests and referral for ultrasound services if needed. Results are discussed with you as promptly as possible. Referrals for further medical care are also provided if necessary.

Nutritious foods, balanced exercise and early prenatal care with your midwife are important parts of a healthy pregnancy!

Birth Preparation

We welcome you to attend our birth preparation classes and workshops. Social events are a great way to share experiences and learn with each other.

Birth Prep Services

After Your Baby is Born

Postnatal care begins after birth while you and your baby bond and experience those precious first hours together.

The midwife gently performs the newborn exam while you relax with your baby.

You may also enjoy a soothing herb bath specially prepared — to help you and your baby ease into the transitions after birth.

For several hours after the birth, the midwife and assistants monitor your and your baby’s wellness and adjustment to your postnatal environment together, while respecting and supporting your family bonding with baby.

Postnatal checkups for you and your baby continue with a visit between 1 – 3 days and another checkup in the week after your birth. It’s OK to call the midwife with any postpartum concerns .

The newborn metabolic screening can be performed gently by the midwives as well as your baby’s heart screening. Hearing tests may also be available or will be referred to another clinic.

Another checkup is offered at about 2 weeks and the final postnatal visit for you and your baby is normally between 1 month to 6 weeks. Well-woman care with your midwife may be completed at that time, including PAP and other tests.


Support is available for breastfeeding issues and other concerns during the postpartum weeks.

Birth Certificate

Your baby’s birth registration is prepared and submitted by the midwife, who is a registered birth certifier, to the Idaho state vital records office. The registration is then legally processed and a valid birth certificate for your baby can be issued promptly by the state.

Well Woman/Well Baby Checkups

Women can benefit from care with the midwife beyond pregnancy — from PAP tests to breastfeeding and other concerns. Services include information for naturopathic and nutritional remedies, and some medications are available, along with support and/or referrals to other practitioners or further medical care if necessary.

Postnatal checkups and lab tests are available until 6 weeks postpartum as are newborn checkups.


Referrals can be given to you for further care with other practitioners according to guidelines and your health needs. Your informed choices are important in these and all matters, however, the midwife’s scope of practice may be limited by Idaho laws and rules.

 The Midwives Model of Care is based on the basic principle that birth is a normal event. Midwives are the “protectors of normal”. 

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